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Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula Hardcover Coffee Table Book

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Intrepid seafarers, lured from afar by a curios flat-topped landmark, christened this peninsula “The Fairest Cape”; to others, who encountered raging storms and an angry sea, this was “The Cape of Storms”. Yes, they were agreed on one point” this Cape was indeed strategically positioned as a vital refuelling depot along the enticing Spice Route to India; and the “Tavern of the Seas” became established. Through the years, the Cape Peninsula has grown as much in hospitality as it has in attractions. From seascapes to vineyards, from an inviting Mother City to a majestic mountain paradise, the Cape Peninsula continues prove that this is, after all, the Fairest Cape. 210 x 148mm, 64 pages, hardcover. Translated into 210 x 148mm, 64 pages, hardcover. Translated into German, French, Spanish.